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The Blue World 

Collection of Abstract Shapes from eggs 
Screened during Tate Modern Late March 2023, Beyond Surface CAP Festival x Tate Modern 

3D Graphic Video 

Tate Modern Late Project 2023

The Blue World (4min) presents the connection between virtual (3D) materialisation, reinterprets the tactile inspiration, and new space vision as a metaphor for the changed relationship between human and nature after the civilisation and development of IT technology, and how we, as a human kind, and as a part of the society sees the changes of nature across our society and places. 

The video combines soft and vivid tactile records of blue water surface with 3D objects based on egg shapes for various birds with various textures-rough, smooth, shiny, durable, and tender tactiles(feelings) that can be found from natural elements (wood, metal, ceramics, etc.) to add the feeling of nature and their contribution to our society and social movements.


Through the video, I want to raise the question of how 3D graphics with various textures virtually visualize a sense of touch and tactilities of objects and urge viewers to consider the idea of touch, objects, and the intention of such approaches. In contrast, the visual record of the blue water surface assembles all elements aesthetically.

The sound was composed by Mara Pruna.

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