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My Certainty is Where I am Going


Natural Pigments and Acrylic on Canvas

These works are based on my research 'How do birds (and other animals) provide a new perspective to human migration and occupation of place?', which is to visualise how birds are narrating our desire to own nature in the past, and how we divide the border between human and nature for our economic and territorial growth, and their consequences in the present time namely climate change, environmental crisis and loss of species.


The coloured sections and patterns are the visual metaphor to show the innate boundary between humanity and nature, while the colours and patterns are representing the idea how nature has inspired us to create a new culture, new infrastructure and technology, while how we (human have created a new non-human colonisation, and matters the current social-nature matters nowadays. 

While, the central white shape is inspired by Osprey, the rare migratory bird of pray that migrate from Scotland to Osprey, which is to represent the certainty of nature's sublime, and the crossing boundary and influence between human and nature, and their harmonies to show a hope to better nature and their creature for our present and the future generations. 

Independent Research Project 

Royal College of Art 

January 2023 - June 2023

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