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Post Humanism and Nature, and birds 


Natural Pigments and Acrylic on Canvas

86cmx130cm per canvas 

Independent Research Project 

Royal College of Art 

Januray2023 - June 2023

These work is based on my research 'How do birds (and other animals) provide a new perspective to human migration and occupation of place?', which is to visualise how birds are narrating our desire to own nature in the past, and how we divide the border between human and nature for our economic and territorial growth, and their consequences in the present time namely climate change, environmental crisis and loss of species.  These artworks are to visualise the life of the osprey in the UK and the history of colonisation of human and nature from the 18th century until the present time through the historical training object between the UK and Africa (Cotton, Rum and Sugar), and the poaching of osprey as a symbolism of intellectual property in the UK society in the 19th century. Each coloured spaces are representation of the piece of territorial colonisation and their economic trade, and the shapes and the patterns are representation of non-human colonisation/human occupation of nature (e.g. build electric lines) for their economic benefits after the WWII, and their consequences upon the natural order of migration and change of nature upon local and migratory  animals’ life nowadays, which is visualised through osprey. 

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