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Pitt the Eagle 

Painting in 2020

Eagle Project 

Personal Project + Dissertation Research 

This artwork based on my falconry experience and research during the lockdown 2020 summer has increased my interest in birds' influence within our cultures and our relationship with birds.  

During the time, I had an opportunity to train a young Bolivian Buzzard Eagle Pitt in an institution in Jeju Island. His flying sequence and attitude toward his trainers (including me) have raised my interest in the human use of bird, and the relationship between birds and us over centuries. I was fascinated by the relationship between eagles and the trainer in East Asian regions, particularly in Central Asia and Southern Korean provinces.

On the other hand, the import of foreign eagles (as a pet, or a purpose of the ‘official’ collection such as a zoo) produces a feeling of a changed perception of our relationship with natural creatures. 

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