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Goldsmiths College, University of London and 

Royal College of Art

June 2020- 2022

Painting, natural pigment and acrylic on canvas

These paintings had been presented in Silent Spring at We are the Minories Gallery in 2021 and Chalkwall Auction 'Artist in Rise' in Dec 2022, which was orgnaised by Chinwe Russell Art Gallery.

These artworks are the series to refer the idea of extinction of animals and societies nowadays to consider the environmental crisis and loss of endemic animals. 


OOs were Hawaiian endemic birds and they were playing a key role in Hawaiian ecology as they were the honey eaters and they spread the pollen between the flowers in their land. However, these birds were extinct in the European explorational period as the new immigrants and merchants from Europe and America brought new species like mosquitos and cats that threaten their life these creatures brought new viruses and new orders in the ecosystem in Hawaii. 


Meanwhile, the colours are representing civilisation and the changed environments across the world nowadays due to men importing new species to re-decorate their living area while building infrastructures (from buildings to electronic light towers) for their confidence. These colours were founded in buildings and infrastructures in the cities that I have visited and these colours are formed in certain artificial patterns to refer it. 


Through the artwork, I want to raise how humanities have changed the structure of nature across the world for their own good, and how animals are losing their home and extinct. Then, I also want to say how these matters of animal extinctions are connected to the social issues of environmental destruction while progressing civilisations across the world.  

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