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Coronation Concert 'The Royal Collaboration' x No.A 


Digital Painting 


Specially designed for Coronation Concert for Charles III 

The Coronation Concert for Charles III, Organised by BBC

07.May. 2023

At the Coronation Concert, a series of creative artworks and animated shorts from 20 RCA students were projected onto Windsor Castle and a giant LED screen above the stage, providing a scenic vision of a starry night sky for a dramatic interpretation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, performed to 20,000 guests and broadcast live around the world on the BBC. The visuals formed a colourful backdrop to accompany the track ‘Somewhere’ from West Side Story in a performance featuring Ncuti Gatwa and Mei Mac.

‘ No.A’ was inspired by upper viewpoint of the sky and aesthetics of natural colours from diverse stars and galaxies in the sky, and the artworks is to visualise our idea of love and unity, and indicate some connections between our feelings, nature and humanity. The colours and the outline of sky shape was created based on Yula’ experience of Mauna Kea’s star gazing when she lived in Hawaii.  

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