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Migration: Osprey 


Natural Pigments and Acrylic on Canvas

71.1cm x 91.4cm

Isolation and Migration 

Royal College of Art 

October 2021 - June 2022

This art project is aimed to artistically narrate the story of the historical migration of Osprey from Scotland to Africa (and they are revived from extinction in the UK), which is to relate them to our desire to explore the new space in the world and to capture the symbolism of the one who practices them out with their talents. While the symbolism of the bird of prey in visual art in the western world and the concept of imperialism being intellectual also affected as osprey skins and eggs were collected to present owners’ intellectual interests. In contrast, I am also investigating the extinction of OO birds in Hawaiian islands due to their symbolism of arts by natives and the import of new species due to new visitors from continents. OO was the unique honey eater species in Polynesia, contributing to the development of Hawaiian feather artwork. Therefore, narrating the show of one’s extinction and their relationship with our arts and deeds is significant. 

These paintings visualise the history of currently migratory bird osprey. 

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